Sample Start-Up School Garden Services:


Sample School Start-Up Service

- Containers suited to your available space

- Soil to fill the containers

- Seasonal seeds and plants to start

- Basic child-sized tools, eg trowels and watering cans

Some examples of specialized gardens

Gardening for Classroom Cooking

growing for the children and the staff to use for cooking and snacking, from salad greens to strawberries.

Rainbow Garden

Plant edibles that grow in multiple colors, such as chard, beets, and carrots. Or, veggies in all colors of the rainbow.

Some examples for Jewish ECCs and Day Schools

Havdallah Garden

Aromatic herbs suitable for honoring Havdallah,  such as lemon verbena, scented geraniums, lavenders, thymes, rosemary, mints.

Tu B'Shvat to Pesach Garden

Parsley, radishes and lettuces planted at Tu B'Shvat in time for Pesach

"Chicken Soup" Garden

Favorite ingredients, such as parsley, carrots, onions, parsnips, dill and celery

"Biblical Grains" Garden

Wheat and Barley, planted early in the school year so the wheat can be harvested to make matzah

Growing Literacy

Gardens to tie in with such favorite books as

Growing Vegetable Soup Garden / Lois Ehlert

onions, carrots, zucchini, peppers

Tops and Bottoms Garden / Janet Stevens

To emphasize the different parts of plants we eat, eg lettuce leaves vs. carrot roots

Tales of Peter Rabbit Garden / Beatrice Potter

All of Peter's favorites 

Workshops Designed for your center or organization


Gardening workshops

Together we can design a workshop based on your group's interests. 

For my current hands-on workshops, I provide the materials as well 

as an informational handout;

-Herb and Vegetable Container Gardening

-Succulent Terrariums



Learning through doing

Fun gardening activities designed with and for your group's interests and needs, wherever you meet